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The Portrait IPN shade guide is attractively arranged in groups of 27 shades and now there are 3 bright white shades, PW2, PW4 and PW7. NOTE: Portrait IPN shades are only available in the Portrait IPN tooth line.

Marketing Material

You’re ready to start whitening teeth and need a way to let the people you know that you can perform teeth whitening. Our brochures and posters will educate your customers about the teeth whitening products. They will answer many common questions they have.

ADA & FDA Aprpoved

I have been very impressed with NuYu’s Teeth Whitening System, it’s much easier then Zoom and my patients couldn’t be happier.
NUYU is the fastest teeth whitening product! My patients love that it produces amazing results quickly, and without causing sensitivity issues. The products are SO EASY to work with and they make our patients happy!
My staff and patients love NUYU. It’s fast with no sensitivity and great results. We are whitening more smiles then ever. I’m able to charge less while increasing my bottom line.

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